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Infectious diseases remain a major source of morbidity and mortality in Pakistan. Efforts to control infectious diseases are endangered by the incessant increase in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) within the country. Inappropriate and excessive antimicrobial usage is accepted as contributing to increasing antimicrobial resistance within a community. Awareness generation through sharing of information about prevalent resistance patterns and provision of guidance on appropriate antimicrobial usage are essential to limiting the spread of resistance.

Clinical microbiology laboratories are indispensable for antimicrobial resistance information. The few quality microbiology services that exist in the country are fragmented, with no linkages or networks to allow flow of information across the country. Through this web site we hope to enable connectivity between laboratories allowing creation of a support group for clinical microbiology laboratories across the country.

In resource limited health care facilities, inadequate infection control procedures associated with transmission of pathogens contribute to spread of health care associated infections (HAI) in general and of resistant strains in particular. Efforts at reducing health care associated infections under these settings pose a major challenge. Access to educational material, recent guidelines and protocols together with experience sharing may further our efforts in reducing the burden of HAI







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