Antibiotic resistance- a global threat

31 Jan 2019

Antibiotic Resistance- A global threat

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For the Past 60-70 years doctors/physicians have been subscribing antibiotics to patients suffering from any sort of infection be it bacterial, viral or even self limiting ailments, due to irrational use of antibiotics now microbes have adapted themselves to resist them this is dangerous situation as it means unavailability of effective treatment options for certain infections, this drug resistance leads to longer hospital stays, disease complications and increased mortality rates

If this dangerous situation is not tackled on urgent basis we are headed towards post antibiotic era where even minor infections and diseases can result in death. Many Infections including pneumonia, TB, typhoid, gonorrhea are now difficult to treat because of drug resistance

Everyone should play their role in preventing the spread of multi drug resistant organisms, by

Avoiding misuse of antibiotics,

Do not take antibiotics if you dont need them, e.g. viral infections and minor discomfort

Do not start antibiotics until final diagnosis

Never share leftover medicines with family and friends

Take medications on prescription of a qualified healthcare practitioner only (proper dose and duration is also critical)

Practice hygiene and cleanliness to avoid spread of infections

healthcare professionals can play their role in this noble cause by 

Preventing the spread of multi drug resistant organisms by practicing hand hygiene and good infection control practices

Test and report antibiotics in patients reports following the current standard guidelines only

Do not report unnecessary drugs

Report microorganisms that are most likely to be the causative agent of infectious process so strong clinical correlation is advised



Should guide their patients about proper dosage of antibiotics

Spread awareness about the importance  of good hygiene for preventing infections, vaccinate and practicing preventive measures while handling sick and infected persons

WHO report confirms serious situation of antibiotic resistance world wide !

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