Welcome to our online course: Technical skills for Clinical Microbiologists

This course is aimed at clinical microbiology laboratory staff to help strengthen laboratory practices. The on-line structure is designed to increase access including for remote areas of the country.

The course will consist of a series of eight modules designed to introduce and build clinical microbiology concepts and knowledge including for antimicrobial sensitivity testing to improve delivery of quality assured clinical microbiology services. The weekly-fortnightly sessions will include a pre and post training assessment.

This is the first and introductory module which includes six sessions to introduce basic concepts and principles of good microbiology practices. Through subsequent modules we plan to address further topics towards implementation of good laboratory practices and improving laboratory services.

At the end of each session, participants are encouraged to complete an end of session assessment. Participants are required to achieve 75% marks to pass each assessment. Those not achieving 75% marks have the opportunity to repeat the assessment to improve their scores. There is no limit to number of times the assessment may be attempted

A completion of module training certificate will be provided to those obtaining 75% pass marks in all the sessions included in the module.


Register yourself before accessing online course page.

You are required to complete the pre assessment quiz. Pre-assessment quiz will assess the baseline skills of the participants and its score will not count towards the final end of session score.


We hope you like and enjoy this effort and we welcome your comments and suggestions to improve our next modules

Acknowledgement: We would like to thank Clinical Microbiology faculty and staff at the Aga Khan University Hospital Faculty and Staff for their help in preparing this course. We are extremely grateful to Health security partners HSP; USA for their kind support and guidance in the development of this module